Consumer loan

Consumer loan

Consumer loan, what is it?

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Consumer loan is a loan that meets a borrowing need of a borrower wishing to finance the purchase of consumer goods.

It is not a credit assigned, that is to say a credit that triggers the purchase of a product and the presentation of its invoice (as for credit auto).

A consumer loan is granted by a credit institution to the extent that the borrower is able to repay it.


Thus, every borrower must know its capacity borrowing consumption before applying for Consumer loan and learn about the borrowing rates offered by the Consumer loan market.


Consumer finance, a quick loan offer and 100% Online

If you are looking to make a Consumer loan to finance the purchase of a car, television or other consumer goods, is here to offer you a different consumer loan.

To subscribe to a consumer loan, do not get used to visiting an agency or consult major banking institutions think about the alternative .

Consumer loan platform that offers you another consumer loan experience where everything is done to offer you a credit conso simpler, faster and especially 100% online!


Is a real consumer loan bank?

Consumer loan institution but does not operate as a bank; the platform positions itself as an intermediary between borrowers and professional investors. In other words, the consumption credits granted by are financed by various investors (companies, institutions, associations or individuals).


Thus, your Consumer loan comes from a virtuous model where your money comes from an investment for others!

What are the benefits of a Consumer loan at ?

wants to shake up Consumer loan codes for borrowers by putting the new technologies at the heart of its business. Thus offers a loan that comes in several parts:

Simplicity ; your consumer loan application is made online in just 4 minutes!

Online ; all your request is done online, the signature and the downloading of your personal documents allows you to make your request at a distance in all simplicity

Speed; will answer you once your credit application has been completed within 24 hours!

Security ; has a robust system to protect your personal data, your credit application can be done online safely