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The Valiant Charger was a short wheelbase Valiant coupe produced by Chrysler Australia  from 1971, introduced with the VH model, through the 1973 VJ, VK up to CL range released in 1976 (770 model only). The best sales were in New Zealand where the combination of the powerful engine, light body and short wheelbase were suited to New Zealand's windy and mountainous roads. The Valiant Charger VH model won the 1971 Australian Wheels Car of the Year Award.

Some Chargers were raced in the Bathurst and let down by inadequate brakes. In New Zealand, however, they proved to be virtually unbeatable from 1971-1979 at the famous B&H 500 mile (later 1000km) series at Pukekohe Park Raceway. The most successful drivers were Leo Leonard and Jim Little, who still races his Valiants (mostly pre-65 class).

Engines were:
  • VH, VJ VK and CL - 215 ci, 245 ci and 265 ci Chrysler Australia Hemi 6
  • VH & VJ - 318 ci, 340 ci and 360 ci versions of the V8 Chrysler LA engine
  • VK & CL 318 ci and 360 ci versions of the V8 Chrysler LA engine

The Valiant Charger performance variants were:

  • VH model

The VH model performance chargers were known as the RT Chargers.

- Charger R/T E37
- Charger R/T E38
- Charger R/T E48/
- Charger R/T E49/ (Track pack and Big tank were options)
- Charger S/E E55/ (340 cubic inch Chrysler LA engine)
  • VJ model

The VJ performance optioned Chargers were no longer known as RT's.

- Charger E48
- Charger E49
- Charger E55
Performance options:
  • Charger R/T had lower ratio differential; six-inch rims; front anti-roll bar; a tachometer and an oil pressure gauge.
  • "Six-pack" 265 ci engine with three two-barrel Weber carburetors
  • E38 - higher compression ratio, different gear ratios, and 280 hp
  • E49 - four-speed manual, 302 hp. Fully blueprinted engine ready to race.
  • Charger S/E and 770 E55 - 340 ci. V8

Australian Chrysler Models:

  • R & S Series Valiant (1962)
  • AP5 Valiant (1963-64)
  • AP6 Valiant (1965)
  • VC Valiant (1966-67)
  • VE Valiant (1967-68)
  • VF Valiant (1969-70)
  • VG Valiant (1970-71)
  • VH Valiant (1971-72)
  • VJ Valiant (1973-75)
  • VK Valiant (1975-76)
  • CH Chrysler (1973-1974)
  • CJ Chrysler (1973-1974) 
  • CK Chrysler (1975-1976)
  • CL Chrysler (1976-78)
  • CM Chrysler (1978-81)

Note: All Australian Chrysler information reproduced with the kind permission of Matt and the committee at: The Charger Club of Western Australia, thanks guys!!!

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