Plymouth Scamps


The Plymouth Scamp (1971-1976)

  • 1971–1976 RWD 2-door coupe, based on the Plymouth Valiant.      
SCAMP (skamp) 1. A rogue a rascal. 2. A mischievous youngster Seeing the success Dodge was enjoying with the Dart Swinger, Plymouth introduced the Scamp in 1971. Unlike the Dart, it was never offered in a four-door version, nor was a convertible or station wagon version made. It was targeted at the conservative buyer who wanted the sporty look of the 2-door without getting into a larger car.
The Scamp was basically a Swinger with a Valiant grill, it was on a longer wheelbase than the Valiant (as was the Dart-based Swinger). In 1975, 29,362 Scamps were made. 

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