There is at least one activity that for many is still synonymous with long queues and endless paperwork: the request for microloans .

micro loans

For this reason, fast loans have become the method of financing par excellence, offering the applicant the possibility of accessing micro loans in 10 minutes and without paperwork, from the comfort of your home. offers online micro loans without payroll to help you in those situations where urgency is pressing.

What is a microloan?

These are small loans that are usually requested by people who can not or have difficulty accessing traditional loans. The characteristics of these financial products are the following:

  • The amounts of quick micro loans are always lower than traditional loans
  • It is not necessary to have an endorsement and it is usually possible to request them even if they are on lists like the or the RAI with the loans
  • They are not associated with traditional systems, but with private lenders
  • The immediacy is its most outstanding feature. The amount requested can be entered in about 24 hours after approval of the request
  • Your repayment period is also less than that of traditional loans

Therefore, online loans are very convenient for situations and contingencies in which immediacy, comfort and security are the customer’s priorities.

How do I apply for a micro-loan online?

Processing mini loans through the platform is very simple. You only have to be a native of Spain, over 18 years old, to possess the identity document and a bank account in your name to prove the money you request online. Maybe you are wondering about the obstacles that the traditional system demands, such as endorsements or movement history; we do not ask for them

It is not necessary that you present any additional documentation to which we have already mentioned to request online microcredits , as you can obtain your personal credit online by entering our website, choosing the options of the lenders and registering your personal data. In a few minutes you will receive the confirmation and the money will be deposited in the indicated bank account, usually the same day.

Advantages of microloans

You may have had a negative experience in the past when applying for loans in other types of entities, but you should know that is different. And we do not say it, the thousands of clients who have already trusted us say so. Check the opinions that our users have shared and find out for yourself.

Here are some of the advantages of applying for your loans at :

  • Faster and easier: without waiting, without complications or small print
  • Security: in a secure web environment with online assistance
  • Complete comfort: from your home, just with an internet connection
  • Flexibility and adaptation: discover our entire offer

As you can see, everything is an advantage at . In addition, if you have any questions you should know that you have at your disposal our network of specialists who will guide you throughout the process, from start to finish and always thinking of the best for you.

What other financial products does offer?

Offers other financial products that may be of your interest:

  • Fast personal loans: avoid bureaucratic obstacles when requesting quick micro loans and receive your money in an agile way and without losing time. If what you need is an immediate solution, opt for the urgent loans, receiving up to € 750 in a very short time.
  • Fast microcredits : credits of up to € 750. You decide how many days you need to return them. At our commitment is to always be available, so you can request an online credit quickly 24 hours a day.

The microcredits instantly from are very easy to get quickly and safely. Select the amount and you’re done! However, if you need to have money in your account as soon as possible, with immediate loans your need becomes a reality. At , we do not need endorsements so you can get the loan you need so much. Select the amount to receive and we will send it to your account.

What are the requirements to apply for microloans?

The truth is that the requirements of are very few and do not vary in any aspect if you do not have payroll or endorsement. These are:

  • Be of age.
  • Have a bank account, preferably in Spain. The lender should know if it is a real person who submits the application before entering the money
  • Have a recurring income, which can proceed a grant, a scholarship, a contract …

Do you need more reasons to apply for your micro loan online at ?

As you have seen, has a wide range of online micro loans that fit your needs. Undoubtedly, experience supports us, thanks to all satisfied customers who have checked the facilities of our services , and who have been able to solve a bad situation, get ahead after an unforeseen event or allow an additional expense, such as a good holiday deserved.

We would love to hear your story, so we invite you to share with us what the experience has meant for you. If you wish you can read the testimonials or request assistance from one of our agents in case of any doubt. Trust our network of authorized lenders for quick loans and micro loans without payroll , always the best in the market and with a long history of private financial services.

Do you need more reasons to believe it? Visit and request one of our microloans .