Loans between individuals Are they worth it?

Loans between individuals Are they worth it?

Today more and more people are requesting personal loans, online loans , urgent loans, or credits being on a list of defaulters.

loans between individuals

There are many situations that have to be faced such as arriving at the end of the month, paying all the bills, extra-curricular activities, the gym, private classes for children … So it is not surprising that more than one Consider asking for financial help or a grant.
One of the options that is gaining more and more followers is that of loans between individuals, also known as peer-to-peer or p2p. It is an excellent way to get fast money, and, in many occasions, making it through the internet, which is a great advantage and convenience. Next, we will tell you what they are, how to get them and what are the conditions. Stay tuned!

What are loans between individuals?

Loans between individuals, as the name indicates, is the provision of a certain amount of money or money, between two individuals, and sometimes between companies . An excellent alternative to credits with bank guarantees that can be done through the Internet or even, in person.

What is the difference between online loans and those established between individuals?

The truth is that loans between individuals can also be online loans. Online loans the only feature they have is that they are carried out through the internet, following some simple and quick steps. In a few minutes, as with our company they have the answer of if the demanded economic amount is accepted and that same day you already have the money in your account.
Loans between individuals may take longer than expected, as they are people who have not established conditions or automatic mechanisms such as our company, a financial institution for many years. They can carry out the procedures also online, or physically, with the difference that they will take much longer to give you the go-ahead and also to make the transfer. Why does this happen? Because they are not available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as the our company team, to provide you with the best solutions in the market.

How is an agreement made to request a loan between individuals?

You should know that in Spain there is no law that determines what is the document or the specific model for this type of matter, so you can establish the most convincing at the time, following some minimum guidelines. However, from our company if you are willing or curious to request a loan from individuals, instead of from us, we will tell you that it is better to make a written document and present it before the notary so that the agreement is formalized.
In this way, if one of the two parties does not carry out the part that corresponds to it, the pertinent procedures can be taken to trial or be carried out, without having to risk the money invested or the money that one wants to enjoy.
Then, we will detail what are the guidelines you must take into account to make a contract when requesting a loan between individuals.

Establishes a return period

In the contract established by both parties should appear at all times the maximum time of return of the amount enjoyed. In addition, you have to take into account the payment of the corresponding taxes, since like everything else in this life, you have this type of charge.

Plasma the economic amount

In the signed document should clearly appear what is the amount to be lent and how it will be managed. That is, if you are going to enjoy it in installments, if you are going to enjoy it in its entirety. All the conditions related to the economic amount must be clearly stipulated in the contract to avoid any kind of future problem.


The interest rate that applies to the borrowed money must appear at all times. Even if no interest rate is required, it must be specified in the contract. In this way, the workers of the Treasury will be able to see clearly and transparently how the operation has been carried out and will not carry out the appropriate procedures.

Full or fractioned payment

Including a section of full or fractional payment is never the case. The person who is requesting the loan may think at first that he will be able to return the money within the stipulated timeframe, but, nevertheless, a plan B must be established. Plan B consists in that, if he does not manage to reach that term, You can make the payment in installments until you complete it completely.
As you can see requesting a loan between individuals is not an easy task . You have to draw up a contract, pay a notary and wait a very long time until the money is taken into account. For that reason, we recommend that you request an urgent loan with our company, the solution for all your problems instantly.