Personal Loan: How to benefit

Personal Loan: How to benefit

The benefits of a Personal Loan

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Sometimes you do not have enough cash to finance the project of your dreams. Organizing a wedding, traveling, changing cars or doing work are expensive life projects that sometimes require a personal loan.

We offer you a new personal loan experience 100% Online; You can sign your contract remotely and download directly your documents necessary to complete your personal credit file.

This online personal loan application experience is simple, fast and transparent. Apply from anywhere. Get your money fast.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a credit that is said to be “unaffected”. In fact, the amount borrowed from a personal loan does not correspond to the precise purchase of a good (car, motorcycle, real estate, etc.). Therefore, the personal loan does not trigger the presentation of an invoice as for the “earmarked” credit, but simply responds to a need for household cash.

Personal loan: an innovative credit solution

In Europe, is one of the few personal credit platforms with its own credit institution accreditation issued by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (approval number 14478).

The principle is simple: professional investors (individuals, but also legal persons: companies, insurers, foundations, pension funds, etc.) directly finance the personal credit of households.

With this alternative and innovative solution, transforms the banking system to make it more fair and transparent with a model where savings are used to finance household personal loans.

In addition to “traditional” bank financing solutions, puts innovation at the heart of its service in order to offer a cheaper, fast, transparent and secure loan alternative.

Personal Loan: the advantages

For borrowers, using a personal loan with fair and competitive rates. We exclusively offer customizable loans with fixed rates and constant monthly payments, without hidden costs.

In addition, we offer you exceptional speed: our personal loan application analysis technologies make it possible to finance a project in record time; a principled answer is given immediately at the end of your personal loan application online. Once your file is completed by you, within 24 hours a definitive answer is sent.

The automation of certain credit application processes allows objective and instantaneous decisions, avoiding biased judgments and intrusive questions.

Finally, opens the black box of the personal loan. The borrower is thus informed in full transparency and in real time of each stage of the processing of his file, by SMS, mail and on his client area. Explanations about his personal credit and the progress of the processing of his file are provided in simple terms and understandable by our advisers that you can contact by email, chat, Facebook Messenger and Phone!

The loaned funds come directly from the investments of our investors: has to study rigorously the solvency of the borrowers, and in case of refusal informs them instantly.