Request a loan

Request a loan

What does it mean to have a loan with our company?

Loan with asnef

If you already know what it is like to be in our company, what does it mean to have a loan with our company ? very simple: it means that even if you appear in this file of defaulters you can count on the possibility of an entity approving a loan. This entity will not necessarily be a bank, it may also be an NGO, a cooperative or a foundation.

Depending on who you request the loan will be the amount of documents that you request, that is, according to the entity is the paperwork. You should also bear in mind that there are two ways in which you can apply for the loan: in person and online . This also influences the requirements and documents that the entity may request.

Aspects that you must take into account before applying for a loan with our company.

This is the main thing to consider before requesting a loan being reported in this file:

  • What type of loan you could approve: it is necessary to keep in mind that the loan that one of the financial institutions could approve you will not be the same as you would if you request a loan without being in databases with negative reports. The loan they would approve is called a quick mini – loan .
  • How much money they will lend you: everything depends on the entity in which you apply for the loan. However, the microcredit is characterized by being a loan that you make for a small amount of money.
  • How long will the credit be approved? Another great feature of the microcredit is its rapid approval. A microcredit can take at least 15 minutes and maximum 48 hours to be approved.
  • What term will you give to return the money: as it is a matter of little money, there are entities that give you a maximum of 60 days for the total repayment of the loan, however, the installments for the payments can be chosen by you and will always be adapted according to the payment capacity you have.
  • Banks do not approve loans with our company: the only entity where you will always find a “rejected” in response to a loan request with our company are the banking entities. For this reason you should resort to options such as NGOs, foundations or cooperatives.
  • With how much money do you appear reported in our company ?: you must keep in mind that the debt for which they registered the non-payment should not be above € 1,000. If so, your loan can not be approved.

Now, you will wonder how you can make this request. Depending on the entity for which you apply for the loan, the steps may or may not be short. The good news is that it will always be simple to perform.

If you want to make the request in person or online you must meet a series of requirements such as:

  • Have a payroll
  • If you do not have a payroll, you must present a document certifying that you have monthly income.
  • You must reside in Spain.
  • You must have a valid bank account.
  • You must be of legal age (in some entities they have the age range to approve loans).
  • You must have your current DNI / NIE / CIF.
  • You must fill out a loan application form.

The above are all the requirements that you must meet and the documents that you must present at the time of making the request for the quick loan with our company.

It is important to know that although many people still prefer to carry out their procedures in person, it is possible and reliable to apply for these micro credits online . Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the internet to save time is not bad. Of course, you should always find out that the entity for which you are going to make the request is reliable.

So, if you make the request for your loan with our company online you must comply with the same requirements, the documents must be scanned and attached where indicated by the entity or sent to your email; You will find the way to attach the documents at the end of the process. The loan application form, in this case, you will do directly on the page of the entity.

Keep in mind that this money you approve can be used in any need that arises at the time you applied for the microcredit: adjust for an urgent purchase, cover the expenses of a disease; pay a fee for your car or invest in your business project, in short, you are free to make the expense or investment you want.